How to Build Brand Loyalty for a Salon

By Dean Laming on December 22nd, 2023

Are you a salon owner looking to foster brand loyalty and ensure a steady stream of repeat customers?

We explore the importance of repeat business, discuss effective strategies for encouraging customers to return, and share valuable insights on building brand loyalty for your salon.

The Power of Repeat Business

Repeat business, often referred to as returning customers or repeat customers, is the lifeblood of any successful salon. These are the clients who keep coming back for more, the ones who not only trust your expertise but also value the experience your salon provides.

Building brand loyalty is all about nurturing these relationships and ensuring that your salon remains their top choice. But why is repeat business so crucial? We break it down:

  • Steady Revenue: Repeat customers provide a consistent source of income for your salon. They contribute to the stability of your business, allowing you to plan and grow with confidence.
  • Reduced Marketing Costs: Acquiring new customers can be expensive, involving marketing campaigns and promotions. Repeat customers, on the other hand, require less marketing effort and expense since they already know and trust your brand.
  • Positive Word of Mouth: Loyal clients are more likely to recommend your salon to friends and family, leading to organic growth through word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Valuable Feedback: Repeat customers can provide valuable feedback that helps you improve your salon’s services and overall customer experience.

How to Encourage Customers to Return

Strategies to encourage customers to return and build lasting brand loyalty include:

1. Exceptional Customer Service

Outstanding customer service is the foundation of repeat business. Train your staff to be friendly, attentive, and knowledgeable. Make sure each customer feels valued and pampered during their visit. A warm and welcoming atmosphere can leave a lasting impression.

2. Personalised Experience

Get to know your clients personally. Remember their names, preferences, and past services. Personalised recommendations and offers show that you care about their individual needs and preferences.

3. Loyalty Programs

Implement a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers. Offer discounts, free services, or exclusive access to events or products. Loyalty cards or digital apps can help track and reward customer visits.

4. Follow-Up Communication

Send follow-up emails or messages after each visit to thank customers for choosing your salon. Include special offers or promotions for their next appointment to entice them to return.

5. Consistent Quality

Maintain consistent quality in your services. Clients should know that they can always expect exceptional results when they visit your salon. This reliability will keep them coming back.

6. Engage on Social Media

Stay active on social media platforms to keep your salon top of mind. Share before-and-after photos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and client testimonials. Engaging content can build a sense of community and encourage loyalty.

7. Request Feedback

Ask for feedback from your clients regularly. Use surveys or direct conversations to gather insights into their experiences and areas for improvement. Show that you are committed to enhancing their salon visits.

8. Special Events and Promotions

Host special events, promotions, or themed months to create excitement and incentivise clients to return. For example, offer “Pamper Yourself November” with exclusive services and discounts.

9. Collaborate with Local Businesses

Partner with complementary local businesses, such as spas or boutiques, to offer joint promotions or packages. Cross-promotions can introduce your salon to new clients while rewarding loyal ones.

Protect Your Brand With Salon Saver Today

By focusing on exceptional customer service, personalisation, loyalty programs, and ongoing engagement, you can turn first-time visitors into dedicated, returning customers.

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Dean Laming

Dean Laming is a Chartered Insurance Broker with more than 25 years insurance experience. Through various underwriting, operational and management roles, Dean has built up extensive knowledge of the hair and beauty sector and is now Managing Director of Salon Saver, part of the wider Henry Seymour Group.

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