Creating an Inviting Salon Space: Interior Design Inspirations

By Dean Laming on February 28th, 2024

You laboured for months on your new salon’s logo, colour palette, templates, and website to reflect just the right vibe. However, in the flurry of ordering equipment and meeting pre-opening requirements, it’s easy to overlook thoughtfully designing the interior space itself.


But your salon’s physical environment shapes client experiences and brand impressions the moment they walk through the door. The textures, colours, lighting, layout, and flow you curate subconsciously signals what your business stands for.

Define Desired Environment

Just as your brand identity shapes logo and menu design, establish what overall vibe your space should exude so décor choices coordinate. Consider aspirational descriptors like:


  • Sophisticated – Think glossy marble accents, metallic geometric wall art, and angular furniture silhouettes conveying elite elegance.
  • Inviting – Incorporate warm woods, floral aromas, plush pillows and welcoming spaces.
  • Calming – Include neutral earth tones, water wall features, daylight mimicking bulbs, tranquil soundscapes and cosy lounge seating for relaxation.
  • Energising – Bright colours, custom graffiti murals, neon signage accents and high-energy hits in the playlist generate salon buzz.
  • Organic – Natural wood fixtures, rounded edges, hanging plants and abundant sunlight cultivate tranquil yet fresh vibes.
  • Luxurious – Tufted chairs, lighting fixtures, bold jewel tones and luxe finishes exude extravagance.


Are visuals crisp and modern or bohemian and nature-inspired? Set the direction.


Zone by Activity

Arrange your salon space by what happens in each area. Set up your salon so it’s easy for clients to move from one spot to another, like from the entrance to the shampoo area, then to where they get their hair done. Think about having different areas for:


  • A welcoming spot right at the entrance
  • A place to show off products you’re selling
  • The main area where you do haircuts and other services
  • A cosy corner for clients to relax

Make it easy for your clients to know where to go for what they need, with each part of your salon set up for a specific purpose.


Incorporate Texture and Shape

Add intriguing visual interest by introducing varied textures and shapes that contrast expected salon elements. Consider options like:

Stone accent walls

Incorporate natural slate tile stretches, textured wallpaper or faux finishes. The organic ridges and earthy tones offset the sleek finishes of countertops and fixtures for added depth.

Wicker furniture

Dot common seating areas with woven side chairs, decorative hampers, cylindrical planters or standing coat racks introducing softer forms. The casual, organic shapes make rigid spaces more inviting.

Florals and greenery

Sculptural floral art arrangements, leafy potted palms, bud vase accents and living moss walls enliven sterile spaces with natural life and brightness.


Vary shapes through arched doorways, funky mirrors and round shampoo chairs.


Lighting Sets the Mood

Salon lighting serves multiple needs – from providing accurate colour matching when hair colouring to setting ambiance during a relaxing massage. Incorporate varied lighting elements:

Bright functional lighting at stations

Install daylight temperature LED bulbs or wide spectrum lamps beside stylist stations and makeup sinks for flawless work and colour evaluations.

Dimmer relaxation areas

Use lower wattage pendant lights, table lamps or wall lights with manual dimmers and bulb colour options to set a softer vibe in the waiting area. Enable stylists to customise brightness levels suiting client needs.

Window natural light

Design floor plans maximising natural light access through ample windows and glass doors.


Mix different types of lighting with switches that let you change it up. This makes areas clients like being in during and after their appointments more versatile and enjoyable.


Reinforce Your Brand Identity

Customise décor details that celebrate what makes your salon distinctly special. Consider options like:

Service-specific artwork

Commission or select pieces bringing your services to life through abstract paintings or textured mixed media resembling swirling colour palettes.

Shelving displaying awards

Showcase trophies, featured press clippings or proud partner badges on floating shelves or in custom casework, drawing attention to milestones conveying expertise.

Photo books of team members

Design custom coffee table books featuring headshot pages of each stylist profiling their specialties, products used, and real client makeovers to convey the talent behind top services.


Let décor details reference services, values and people that make your salon inimitable.


Protect Your Investment

Comprehensive salon insurance from Salon Saver covers risks threatening your livelihood so you can confidently build out inspiring, Instagram-worthy spaces attracting clients for years without worrying over potential disasters.


Our tailored policies shield against damages stemming from floods, fires, theft and liability claims. Contact us today to learn more about how we secure bold visions for salons like yours.


Dean Laming

Dean Laming is a Chartered Insurance Broker with more than 25 years insurance experience. Through various underwriting, operational and management roles, Dean has built up extensive knowledge of the hair and beauty sector and is now Managing Director of Salon Saver, part of the wider Henry Seymour Group.

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