A Salon Owner’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

By Dean Laming on November 30th, 2023

In today’s digital age, influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly important strategy for salons to attract new clients and grow their business. Partnering with influencers who have an established beauty audience can rapidly expand your reach and credibility.

But how exactly can salon owners capitalise on influencer marketing? This guide explores proven approaches to identify the right influencers, structure collaborative promotions, measure success, and use this strategy to boost your salon’s brand.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves collaborating with influential social media users who have sizable, targeted follower bases built on trust, loyalty and engagement. Rather than the brand itself directly promoting products/services, an influencer endorses the brand authentically to their audience.

The key is finding influencers whose followers align with your salon’s target clientele. A makeup artist micro influencer with 10K Instagram followers who posts hair and beauty content regularly may be a strategic choice to support your salon versus a lifestyle blogger with 500K broad followers.

Why Influencer Marketing Works

There are several reasons why influencer marketing can be highly effective for salons compared to traditional advertisements:

It’s social and relatable

Audiences engage more with influencer content which feels like a personal recommendation from someone they follow and like rather than an ad.

It builds trust

Followers have developed a relationship with the influencer over time by following their content and life. This established trust transfers to brands the influencer endorses.

It generates real excitement

Influencers turn brand promotions into fun, engaging content like tutorials and reviews which resonate more than traditional ads.

It’s measurable

Detailed analytics provide insight into impressions, clicks and conversions to pinpoint return on investment.

Finding the Right Influencers for Your Salon

With any marketing initiative, aligning with the right influencer is critical for success. Consider these tips when researching potential partners:

  • Review their audience demographics. Look for influencers whose followers match the age, gender, location and interests of your ideal salon clients.
  • Assess the engagement and reach of their posts through likes, comments and shares. Higher interaction signals more devoted followers.
  • Ensure most of their content relates to beauty, hair, nails, makeup, fashion, lifestyle topics or broader women’s interests – not unrelated niche topics.
  • Check that they have disclosure policies about sponsorships. Transparency is a must.
  • Look for influencers who actively collaborate with brands for promotions rather than just sharing their personal life.
  • Aim for influencers with 5K to 100K engaged followers. Micro or mid-tier influencers often convert better than celebrity-level accounts.

Structuring Your Influencer Collaboration

Once you’ve identified promising influencer partners, you can structure the promotional collaboration:


Determine fair pay for the posts based on the influencer’s follower count, typical engagement rates, production time required, and content usage rights. Free salon services like a cut/colour can supplement monetary payment.

Content expectations

Be extremely clear about expectations for content deliverables – exact number of posts per platform (e.g. 1 Instagram feed post, 2 Instagram stories, 1 TikTok video), overall theme, goals you want to achieve, call-to-actions, etc. Specify this in detail within the contract and  align on general content tone and creative aspects.

Content approvals

To ensure proper messaging and visual standards, require reviewing and approving all content featuring your salon before the influencer posts anything live. Build in ample approval time into the content production timeline.


Given the promotional nature, include exclusivity clauses stating the influencer won’t partner with or mention competing salons in their region for a set period of time (e.g. 3-6 months). This protects your business interests.

Rights to content

Secure rights within the contract to reuse or repost any images, videos or other content from their partnership posts on your own salon website and social media profiles. This allows you to extend the content mileage.


Contractually require proper FTC disclosure of paid/sponsored content on all relevant posts. You may want to provide specific disclaimer language for the influencer to include. Enforce compliance here to avoid legal issues.

Campaign length

Agree upon an overall timeframe or campaign length as well as specific date ranges for when the influencer will first post the content and keep it live on their profile feed afterward. This ensures you get sufficient exposure.

Performance clauses

To guarantee you receive the full value of the partnership, consider adding conditions like requiring a minimum engagement rate on the posts (e.g. 5% like rate) so you can renegotiate if metrics underperform.

Covering these contractual details thoroughly protects your salon’s interests in the influencer partnership.

Promoting Services Through Influencers

When planning influencer content, keep top-performing salon services and seasonal promotions in mind. Potential ideas include:

  • Demo reel of a new signature haircut or colour technique your salon offers
  • Video review/testimonial for a salon’s luxury manicure and pedicure offerings
  • Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial featuring your makeup artists
  • Video showing a step-by-step of salon hair extensions services
  • Instagram photos showing off salon balayage colour results on a client
  • YouTube product review on your salon’s custom hair care line

Measuring Salon Influencer Marketing Results

The beauty of working with influencers is the ability to closely track quantifiable metrics showing the impact and ROI of the partnership. Be sure to gather and assess statistics like follower growth and overall audience reach achieved from the influencer’s content, engagement rates on their sponsored salon content (likes, shares, comments),  click through rates to your salon’s website and/or booking links, and bookings directly generated from the influencer promos.

By monitoring performance in depth, you can refine your approach to maximise your next influencer collaborations.

Protect Your Salon Business with Salon Saver

Influencer marketing is still an emerging strategy but holds tremendous potential for salons to expand their reach and attract new clients. The key is finding micro and mid-tier influencers with an audience demographic that closely matches your target market.

However, as a salon owner, marketing is just one aspect of growing a thriving business. Protecting your livelihood through comprehensive salon insurance is equally crucial.

Salon Saver provides tailored coverage solutions for hair and beauty salons. Our policies are designed to shield your business from financial losses due to property damage, theft, liability issues from accidents, and more.

With Salon Saver, you get affordable premiums and outstanding support from salon insurance experts. Contact us today to discuss how we can protect your success. With the right protection in place, you’re free to focus on marketing innovations and client satisfaction.

Dean Laming

Dean Laming is a Chartered Insurance Broker with more than 25 years insurance experience. Through various underwriting, operational and management roles, Dean has built up extensive knowledge of the hair and beauty sector and is now Managing Director of Salon Saver, part of the wider Henry Seymour Group.

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