How to Get Mobile Hairdressing Insurance: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Dean Laming on July 17th, 2023

Operating a mobile hairdressing business brings its own set of unique challenges. But you can’t ignore one crucial aspect: the proper insurance to safeguard your business.

This article will walk you through the step-by-step process of getting mobile hairdressing insurance that keeps your mobile hairdressing business running smoothly, even in adversity.

1. Understanding Mobile Hairdressing Insurance

Mobile hairdressing insurance is a specific type of business insurance tailored to meet the unique needs and risks faced by mobile hairdressers.

As a mobile hairstylist, you provide services in clients’ homes, events, or temporary locations rather than operating out of a permanent salon space. This flexibility has benefits but also exposes you to various potential liabilities.

It’s important to note that we’re witnessing a spike in hairdresser injury claims. Having proper insurance coverage helps protect your business and personal assets from losses due to accidents, property damage, theft, legal claims and other unforeseen incidents.

2. Assessing Your Risks and Coverage Needs

Assessing the specific risks associated with your operations before purchasing an insurance policy for your mobile hairdressing business is essential. These may include:

  • Property damage: You could accidentally cause damage to a client’s home or belongings while providing services.
  • Injury: A client could sustain an injury from using your equipment or products.
  • Professional liability: If you make mistakes during service that results in harm or dissatisfaction from clients.
  • Theft: Your tools and supplies might be stolen while on location.

Once you have identified these risks and others unique to your situation, determine what type(s) of coverage would best address each concern.

3. Types of Insurance Policies for Mobile Hairdressers

Several types of insurance policies may be relevant for mobile hairdressers:

  • Public Liability Insurance: Covers bodily injury and property damage caused by accidents during business operations.
  • Professional Treatment Risk Liability Insurance: Protects against claims arising from professional negligence or errors made while providing services.
  • Stock and Equipment Insurance: Covers loss or damage to equipment used by the business, such as styling tools and products.
  • Business Income Insurance: Replaces lost income if you temporarily stop working due to a covered loss.

4. Choosing an Insurance Provider

When looking for an insurance provider, it’s essential to consider factors such as:

  • Reputation: Research the company’s history and customer reviews to ensure they are reliable and trustworthy.
  • Expertise: Look for providers with specific knowledge about the mobile hairdressing industry to ensure your unique needs are adequately addressed.
  • Customer service: Choose a company that offers responsive support and assistance when needed.

5. Comparing Insurance Quotes and Plans

Once you have identified potential insurance providers, request quotes from each to compare coverage options and pricing. Review policy limits, deductibles, additional coverage options, and any exclusions or limitations in each plan.

6. Tailoring Your Mobile Hairdressing Policy

After evaluating different policies, choose the one that best suits your business needs by tailoring coverage levels according to your risk assessment. It’s important to note that public liability claims, for example, tend to increase, according to specialist insurers, as foot traffic increases.

You might need higher limits on certain types of coverage or additional protection not included in standard policies.

7. Additional Coverage Options to Consider

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to consider adding extra protection through endorsements or standalone policies such as:

  • Goods in Transit insurance: Covers equipment being transported between locations.
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance: Protects against vehicle-related accidents while driving for business purposes (not available with Salon Saver)
  • Employers’ Liability Insurance: Provides benefits for employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses (if applicable).

8. Reading and Understanding Your Insurance Policy

Before signing any agreement with an insurer, thoroughly read through all documents provided to understand what is covered under the policy terms.

9. Managing Your Insurance Policy and Premiums

It’s important to continuously manage your insurance policy throughout its duration by promptly updating information whenever changes occur within your business operations (e.g., new services offered or changes in location).

Additionally, consider lowering your premiums by maintaining a solid safety record and taking advantage of discounts or incentives.

10. Filing A Claim: What To Expect and Prepare For

If you experience a covered loss, be prepared to file a claim with your insurance provider. Familiarise yourself with their claims process and keep records of all necessary documentation to support the claim.

Choose Salon Saver

Salon Saver is committed to offering affordable core protection for mobile hairdressers who understand their needs and don’t want unnecessary extras. Our no-fuss insurance policies are designed specifically for those businesses who prioritize keeping themselves safe without paying more than they need. By following this step-by-step guide, you can confidently acquire comprehensive coverage that best suits your mobile hairdressing business requirements.

Dean Laming

Dean Laming is a Chartered Insurance Broker with more than 25 years insurance experience. Through various underwriting, operational and management roles, Dean has built up extensive knowledge of the hair and beauty sector and is now Managing Director of Salon Saver, part of the wider Henry Seymour Group.

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