Balayage vs. Ombre: What’s the Difference?

By Dean Laming on January 17th, 2024

With endless hair colour options today, spanning from gorgeous subtle sun-kissed blonde lowlights to vibrant purple and peacock hues, clients often feel overwhelmed when selecting their next transformation service. Two of the most requested but commonly confused looks are balayage vs ombre.

While both deliver beautiful multi-dimensional results, there are distinct differences salon owners and hairdressers must understand to set client expectations.

What is Balayage?

Balayage hair colouring creates soft, natural-looking gradation using controlled hand-painting methods. The French technique involves painting bleach or permanent hair dye directly onto sections of the hair shaft without foils, allowing variation in intensity and blending.

This “freehand” application creates softer, feathered lightening effects that grow out seamlessly as darker roots appear. The result leaves hair looking like it has been naturally sun-kissed. Face-framing highlights around edges typically remain a shade deeper than the mid lengths and ends.

The finished style frames facial features beautifully while appearing low-maintenance between salon visits – a major draw for busy clients. Balayage remains a hugely popular request.

What is Ombre?

Ombre similarly lightens locks gradually from roots to mid lengths to ends, but only in solid demarcated bands of shade rather than subtly blended fine highlights. This effect has bold lines of colour change.

It originated as a lower maintenance and more subtle alternative to dip dye tips. Unlike subtle balayage, ombre makes colour gradients clearly visible for maximum contrast suited to making a statement.

Ombre requires very precise application to keep band lines crisp and sharp not blended across centimetres of hair shafts like with painted balayage feathers. The grow out line with darker regrowth is also far more distinct.

The Key Differences Explained

While both ombre and balayage add gorgeous dimension to hair, they vary significantly in technique, results and maintenance.

Application method

Balayage involves hand-painting bleach formulas or dye carefully onto small subsections of hair without foils for diffused, soft colour that grows out gradually. Ombre depends on precise placement of demarcated blocks of shade secured in foils.

Colour gradient

Balayage features fine strands in lighter and deeper tones interwoven seamlessly for subtle sun-kissed effects. Ombre has clearly defined bands of shade visible from roots to ends in bold colour gradient by design.

Results and grow out process

Balayage appears far more natural, as colour regrowth blends in, only needing a touch-up every 4-5 months. Ombre bands not coloured regularly leave very obvious distinct lines of re-growth requiring touch ups every 6-8 weeks.

Who suits each technique?

Balayage works beautifully on most hair textures and lengths, thanks to customised placement flattering all face shapes. It offers a more natural effect for corporate environments.

Because ombre depends on seeing clear colour lines, it suits hair reaching at least midway down the neck and is especially striking on very straight hair.

Perfecting Application for Standout Results

To achieve a showstopping dimension that also meets clients’ low maintenance expectations, ensure your colourists master both freehand balayage painting and precise foil ombre patterns.

Invest in ongoing balayage and ombre training, as new trends like dip-dye purple underlayers or warm chocolate bronde baby lights at the hairline emerge. Encourage teams to continuously refine highlighting patterns and formula mixes through photo diaries of their work.

Why Choose Salon Saver?

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Dean Laming

Dean Laming is a Chartered Insurance Broker with more than 25 years insurance experience. Through various underwriting, operational and management roles, Dean has built up extensive knowledge of the hair and beauty sector and is now Managing Director of Salon Saver, part of the wider Henry Seymour Group.

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