The Future Is Coming: Why You Should Invest In Building An App For Your Business

Kate RussellBy Kate Russell on January 19th, 2018

With apps now becoming a standard portion of many companies’ digital marketing strategies, we’ve taken a look at some of the potential benefits that could come along with creating your very own app or web app for your hair and beauty business.

Although often teaming with a high investment rate, mobile applications are not an aspect of building a business in today’s digital world to ignore. In the modern day of the iPhone, desktops are long becoming second-rate to handheld phones and tablet devices, where apps hold a crucial place.

Apps allow a company to have a personal connection with that customer with 24/7 accessibility. With instant, push notifications direct to their mobile phone, brands can connect with customers like never before. Having a branded app also increases your brand image as an expert in the field and improves brand/customer loyalty.

Here are a few more benefits that might encourage you to invest in this tech for your business:


Google is your best friend. Whether you have an online business or offline, every business operating these days needs a website – and, when it comes to your website, every business owner knows the value behind Google. Since 2015, Google prioritises businesses with a mobile responsive website, so any site that isn’t mobile-friendly will be pushed down the list when it comes to Google search engine results.

This is where web apps come in. Web apps are one type of application that works like an app, but work from any browser, ensuring mobile responsiveness on any device.

It’s a direct marketing channel

As we mentioned earlier, having this direct channel, straight to your customer’s mobile device, is so important for businesses now. Working both ways, the customer is able to connect with your business in the blink of an eye and you’re able to contact them directly and easily with the push of a button, through push notifications. This means you can let them know about any sales or special discounts you have going on, and allows you to implement a customer loyalty programme that may help rake in the business.


When it comes to modern advertising, it’s clearly changed considerably over the last decade.  However, even with modern advertising (for example, social media or email marketing), you can risk customers missing the message.

Advertisements on social media could go unseen with potential customers, lost in the social sphere of businesses fighting for attention. Similarly, email marketing campaigns can very easily be deleted before they’re read or slip into junk boxes. When it comes to advertising through your app, you’re creating contact with your customer in real-time, for relevant purposes. This leads to much higher levels of engagement with your customers, encouraging them to come back time and time again. With apps, you also have the option to collaborate with other brands who want to advertise on your application, giving you an added earning opportunity.

Cost vs value

Apps are infamous for high investment and long-term financial contribution to get them set-up, launched and maintained. However, costs are beginning to come down (as did website building) and now, it might not be as scary as you’d think. Check out, who provide great lists on app builders and developers to get you started.

An app’s value lies with customer loyalty and retention, leading to consistent revenue and profits. In terms of return on investment, it is very much to do with longevity. Apps are the future and business owners in all industries must now consider how a mobile app could lead your business forwards.


Would you consider building an app for your business? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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