Bring On The AI: How The Missbeez Mobile App Could Revolutionise The Freelance Beauty Industry

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With apps and new technology popping up at each corner of the digital landscape, it’s about time something was created to benefit professionals in the hair and beauty industry.

Missbeez is a small, but growing mobile application, that’s doing just that. Currently available to use in London, Barcelona and Tel Aviv, Missbeez is highlighting how much beauty professionals can benefit from new technology. Not only this, the consumers using the app love it so much that 76% of revenue is from returning customers, using the app time and time again.

missbeez app

Much like Uber, Missbeez allows customers to browse, select and order hair and beauty treatments directly from their App with trained and approved beauty professionals. The appointments functionality on the app allows the customer to select the ideal time to have their chosen treatment in the comfort of their own home. Their selected professional will then arrive at their home to help them out with a manicure, leg wax or blow dry, or potentially all three.

missbeez app

Easy, convenient and accessible, customers using the Missbeez app are able to define their own schedule and plan their appointments around work and family, and benefit from the ease of not having to leave the house. However, the app is also incredibly beneficial to the professionals in the hair and beauty world who are starting to make use out of it. Enabling them to garner new clients and earn extra income, the app exposes professionals to a whole new database of potential clients.


missbeez app

AI within the Missbeez application

Towards the end of last year, Missbeez launched artificial intelligence within the app. CTO and Co-founder, Gil Bouhnick, explained how, “machine learning”, combined with their specialised algorithm, has allowed them to make the best use of the available technology in an interview with Venture Beat. Creating a dynamic experience for users, they have designed a way to provide personalised usage for each customer.

Alongside the fantastic usage features already programmed into the app, this artificial intelligence means Missbeez can utilise some high-tech functionality, which is looking to impress its users.

Possibly most beneficial to consumers using the app, is the Chatbot function. This is a 24/7 live chat, to support users with immediate responses to questions. The AI also produces consumer analysis, which means content they see on their device is personalised, depending on their individual browsing and spending habits. This forms a high level of customer service between client and app, a smooth and professional experience and complete ease of use.

missbeez app

The app also reaps fantastic benefits for the hair and beauty professionals working behind it. Not only does it form a brand-new platform of potential clients, but the ease of use for the professionals ensures its success for the future. The AI tech added to the app includes pattern analysis technology, managing the customers’ requirements, as well as the availability of the professional, for a smooth transaction.

As technology remains central to all business development in the modern day, this app shows how the utilisation of this technology can create more and better-quality work for our industry. Whether you’re a freelancer or not, this app is sure to be on the app store download list as soon as it becomes available in every city.


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