Keeping A Cool Head: Our Top Tips For Beating The Heat In Your Salon This Summer

Kate RussellBy Kate Russell on June 6th, 2018

Weather has got to be the Brits’ favourite topic and this year – summer has arrived early and in full force. We’ve seen the hottest May since records began this year and, while that has meant beautiful weekends, exceptional bank holidays and more BBQ’s than anyone can physically eat, it also means some stiflingly hot days in the salon.

With warm water washes, hair dryers and hot styling appliances, alongside twenty-something degree heat outside, it can be a battle to stay cool in the salon during the summer. However, with our top tips on keeping cool, there are certainly some great ways to combat the heat and keep you, your stylists and most importantly your customers as chilled as possible within the salon.

Invest in some AC

It might seem like a big investment for just a couple of months per year, however, a portable air conditioning unit can be reasonably priced and will make the world of difference to you and your clients. With adjustable temperature and ease of movement, you can use it exactly as you require within your salon to ensure your customers and stylists are as comfortable as possible during the hot period.

Keep everyone hydrated

Hydration is key to staying productive and perky when the heat rises. It’s also important for you to ensure your beloved clients are hydrated to avoid any potential lightheadedness or, in the worst case, fainting. Instead of offering hot coffees and tea as per, switch it up and offer some interesting and super hydrating options on water. Try cucumber infused or even luxury-looking mixed fruit, which can be premade throughout the day and kept handily in the fridge. Your customers will thank you for it and it might actually save you some time on coffee making throughout the day. In turn, ensure your staff and stylists are keeping equally hydrated by providing a water dispenser or chilled bottled water in the fridge, encouraging them to keep one at their station for regular sips, all day long. As a luxury extra for your clients, consider offering a hydrating face mist spray for their use whilst in the chair. This will keep them cool and relaxed throughout their treatment and leave them feeling pampered.


Salons often have floor to ceiling front windows to open up the room to outside passers-by. However, when the sun is shining, blended with the heat from spotlights and hair appliances, it can get everyone a little hot under the collar. Particularly during the sunniest hours of the day, invest in either window blinds or free-standing room separators to shade your clients from the glare of the mid-day sunshine. This will keep your clients, and the salon in general, a little cooler.


Relax your staff dress code

Allowing your stylists to dress a little more comfortably will inevitably help to keep them cool, calm and collected during these super-hot days. Keep a black theme running, if that’s your current salon “uniform”, but allow more relaxed, loose-fit clothing and shoes to help keep them comfortable and avoid any costly mistakes made from the effects of overheating.

Keeping the salon cool during the summer is crucial for both your clients and your stylists. With just a few of these simple, easy to implement tips, you can ensure that everyone can enjoy the sun without it negatively affecting your business.


What are your tips for keeping cool in the summer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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