Mastering Email Marketing: Our Guide To Running A Successful Salon Email Marketing Campaign

Kate RussellBy Kate Russell on August 1st, 2018

Within the modern world of social media, marketing your hair or beauty salon in other more traditional ways are often left behind. From magazine advertising to SMS marketing, outside of the realm of Facebook and Instagram, how does your salon measure up in terms of diversity within the marketing plan?

A crucial, yet often neglected route to your customers is email marketing. It was once said that email marketing was dying, however, it still has one of the highest returns on investment out of every marketing channel. Therefore, it’s not something to be pushed to the bottom of your priority list just quite yet.


Why is email marketing so important?

Other than the fact that email marketing is a very simple and affordable way to market your salon, there are many other benefits to operating a great email campaign.

Your customers are waiting

Your email database is like your list of friends on Instagram. They have allowed you access to their private space and they are awaiting your communication. Not taking advantage of this is not only wasteful, but it can also show a lack of professionalism.

It’s totally measurable

When you send out an email marketing campaign, you can literally measure its success. From the “opens” to the “clicks” you know how well it’s performing, right down to how many customers it brings through your salon doors. This makes it easy and quick to adjust and test with different content.

People check their emails as often as their texts

With smartphones at an all-time high, your customers are clicking and checking their emails as often as their texts or their social media profiles. This means, your email marketing campaign is reaching them directly, on the go, at all times.

How to design a successful email marketing campaign

Now you’ve seen the benefits of using email, how do you nail this marketing channel and generate the best possible results? Here are our top tips for salon email marketing.

Make sure it’s mobile friendly

The majority of people are now opening their emails on their smartphone instead of their laptops or desktops. This means that your email needs to read well and look great on a phone screen to quickly grab your recipient’s attention.

Nail your subject line

This is actually much more important than you might think. The subject line is a crucial deciding factor on whether your customer chooses to open your email. Think about how many emails you receive a day with spammy or annoying subject titles. Keep it to under 50 characters and try to avoid using anything that looks like spam or clickbait. Don’t use things like multiple “!” or over the top capitalisation as these may all affect your open rates.

Get personal with your customers

Make your customers feel valued and add their name to your emails using an email marketing software system. This can play a huge part in encouraging email opens.

Give them good content & tell them what to do

Sounds obvious, but don’t just send out an email campaign for the sake of “doing marketing”. Create some great, valuable content that your customers will actually thank you for. Then, make sure you always tell them what you want them to do using a call to action that fits your salon’s tone of voice. Whether it’s a direct link to your appointment booking landing page or they need to respond to the email to get a call from you, tell them what to do next.

Always proofread

There is nothing worse than sending out a content campaign of any sort and then realising a spelling or grammar mistake afterwards. Proofread and then check again.

Don’t dismiss email marketing for salons as an outdated channel. With a direct access route to your customer’s phones and the potential to create quality and personalised communications with them, use our tips and see how you can use this channel to promote and build your beauty business.


What are your tips for maximising the potential of your salon email marketing channel? Share your tips with us in the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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