What Should You Write as Captions for Beauty Salon Insta Posts?

By Dean Laming on January 31st, 2024

Photos showing your salon’s gorgeous makeovers gain attention fast on Instagram. But thoughtfully written captions transforming posts into engaging stories retain visitors far longer to drive actions like profile clicks, tags, and direct bookings.

We provide caption ideas beauty salons can incorporate across Instagram feeds and Stories to captivate audiences continually.

Why Salon Caption Writing Matters

At a quick scroll, visual posts garner instant likes based on great hair or makeup looks you showcase alone. However, compelling captions set your brand apart by voicing the stylist perspective personally. This insider viewpoint entices longer caption reads.

Strategic wording provides context around the how and why behind the featured makeovers and transforms posts into stories people swipe through eagerly when aimed right.

Since captions sit directly underneath images as visitors scroll feeds, first impressions from interesting phrasing make visitors far more likely to then click into your salon’s profile to explore your brand further.

Types of Captions to Use

Balance different styles of captions across your feed and Instagram Stories posts:


Educate audiences around techniques shown and products used to reinforce your team’s expertise. For example, explain a complex braiding method mastered or the benefits of a new hair treatment offered.


Share the inspirational story behind dramatic makeovers through before and after visuals – why the client sought the change, how your experts customized the exact look to enhance natural beauty, how it made them feel etc.


Spotlight new service launches, seasonal packages around events like Fashion Week, product giveaways or holiday deals to incentivize booking.

Aim for wide enough subject variety to show the full scope of your salon’s talent and personality.

Driving Calls-to-Action Through Captions

Beyond creative storytelling and education, salon Instagram captions present a valuable opportunity to insert strategic calls-to-action driving desired actions. Direct viewers explicitly:

Click the link in our bio…

  • to book your next hair makeover
  • to shop our luxury hair care range
  • to see our newest nail lacquer colors

Follow us to…

  • discover protective styling trends we love
  • be the first to get exclusive discounts

Tag a friend who…

  • needs a fresh haircut and color for winter
  • would love these gel manicure designs
  • has an upcoming wedding or event to get glam for!

Blending promotional messaging into caption narratives boosts conversions from reads.

Best Practices for Salon Instagram Captions

Keep these core principles in mind when writing:

Maintain Brand Voice

Stay consistent to your salon’s tone – whether warm and friendly, or sleek and high fashion.

Speak Directly to Clients

Use inclusive language and ‘you’ phrasing as if conversing directly with viewers to build rapport. For example: ‘Using this easy holiday hairstyle lets you rock gorgeous waves in minutes!’

Pose Thoughtful Questions

Promote comments and tags by prompting reactions through questions. For instance: ‘Which holiday makeup palette should we try next for festive looks?’

Use Strategic Hashtags

Research hashtags readers follow around beauty topics and use in captions to discover your content. Mix niche and broader tags.

Keep It Conversational

Write informally, as you would speak to customers in-salon. Explain looks using words like ‘stunning’ or ‘bombshell’ your audiences relate to.

Localising Content Through Captions

Given Instagram’s hyperlocal focus currently in feeds, incorporate geographic details into captions regularly. For example, announce special deals for followers who visit your studio.

This helps nearby viewers discover and relate to your posts much faster in crowded feeds, translating to accelerated following and awareness. Ensure key location mentions also appear prominently within tagged images for maximum local impact.

Protect Your Growing Brand

As marketing activities like Instagram expand, ensure full protection with Salon Saver’s specialist beauty salon insurance shielding your business from risks like liability claims or profit losses amid incidents.

Our experts make navigating insurance smooth so you stay focused on engaging clients creatively online and in-salon. Contact us to discuss customizing cover today.

Dean Laming

Dean Laming is a Chartered Insurance Broker with more than 25 years insurance experience. Through various underwriting, operational and management roles, Dean has built up extensive knowledge of the hair and beauty sector and is now Managing Director of Salon Saver, part of the wider Henry Seymour Group.

All articles by Dean Laming

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