Effective Beauty Product Merchandising: Boosting Sales Smartly

By Dean Laming on February 28th, 2024

As a UK salon owner, you know that selling products can significantly boost your profits alongside the services you offer. Yet, without the right approach to displaying these products, you might not see the results you hope for.


Creating engaging displays can spark interest in your clients, encourage spontaneous purchases, and support their confidence in maintaining their beauty regime at home.


Thoughtful Display Strategies

The layout of your salon plays a crucial role in retail success. Here’s how to make the most of it:

High Visibility

Place your main product displays where clients naturally walk through on their way to their appointments, ensuring they catch their eye.

Organised Sections

Arrange products into clear sections – hair, skin, body, and makeup. This helps clients find what they’re looking for without feeling overwhelmed.

Group by Brand

Keep products from the same brand together. This makes it easier for clients to compare products and understand what each brand offers.


Maximise Every Opportunity

Don’t just focus on the main display area. Use other spaces too:


  • Reception Area: Use this space for items that clients might like to browse or buy on impulse while waiting.
  • In the Treatment Rooms: Offer the products you use during treatments for sale, capitalising on the client’s interest at the moment.
  • Window Displays: Attract attention from outside with eye-catching displays that follow the latest trends.

Get Creative

Make your displays stand out:


  • Real-life Settings: Create setups that show how products can be used in everyday life, like arranging hair care products with styling tools.
  • Try-out Stations: Let clients test products themselves with everything they need for a quick trial.
  • Scented Areas: Use scented candles or diffusers in product areas to enhance the shopping experience.

Embrace Technology

Modernise your approach with digital tools:

Digital Signage

Install wall-mounted screens or tablets to display product demonstration videos and application tutorials. Show clients how to use unfamiliar tools like wands and curlers or demonstrate results from targeted serums.

Interactive Tags

Place QR codes on retail displays linked to expanded product descriptions, ingredient glossaries, usage tips or brand background online.

Salon Apps

Develop branded apps allowing bookings, payments, earnable rewards and easy reordering of favourite items. Apps encourage purchases through convenience while storing client preferences and purchase history.


Educate and Build Trust

Help your clients make informed choices:

Routine Guides

Display suggested product combinations for different hair or skin concerns. For example, group together shampoos and conditioners that work well for colour treated hair or dry scalps.

Ingredient Information

Provide clear explanations of product ingredients and their benefits near displays or on shelving. Highlight key active ingredients like keratin, argan oil, or shea butter and what skin and hair perks they offer. Clients can reference details when evaluating products.

Staff Recommendations

Highlight products recommended by your stylists, adding a personal touch. Allow stylists to feature their “favourite find of the month” with a picture and testimonial so clients can discover beloved items.


Keep Track of Trends

Pay close attention to purchasing patterns, adjusting stock and merchandising accordingly:


Continually monitor your most popular items based on sales data. Keep these products consistently well-stocked and showcase in prime locations.

Product Pairings

Note which products get frequently purchased together like a particular leave-in conditioner and styling combination. Merchandise these items side-by-side to suggest pairing them together and offer bundle deals.

Seasonal Changes

Stay sharply aware of seasonal impacts on category demand, like hydrating masques in winter or UV protecting products in summer.


Refresh Regularly

Keep your displays dynamic to maintain interest:


  • Spotlight New Products: Give new arrivals prime placement to draw in clients.
  • Limited Editions: Highlight exclusive ranges to create a sense of urgency.
  • Special Offers: Use promotions to encourage larger purchases.


Protect Your Business

At Salon Saver, we recognise the importance of retail to your salon’s success. Our bespoke salon insurance covers you against losses, ensuring your business can thrive without worry. Contact us to discuss how we can support your salon’s needs.


Here at Salon Saver, we understand the effort you invest making retail integral to your salon’s customer experience and sales strategy. Our tailored beauty salon insurance  covers you against losses, ensuring your business can thrive without worry. Contact us to discuss how we can support your salon’s needs.

Dean Laming

Dean Laming is a Chartered Insurance Broker with more than 25 years insurance experience. Through various underwriting, operational and management roles, Dean has built up extensive knowledge of the hair and beauty sector and is now Managing Director of Salon Saver, part of the wider Henry Seymour Group.

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